Ask The Expert: Acne with Dr. Vainder

Ask The Expert Acne

Q: What is acne and what causes acne?

A: Acne is an inflammatory condition caused by the hair follicles becoming blocked with skin cells and oil. After becoming blocked, bacteria grows which causes the white or red bumps, which can be painful. Acne can affect anyone at any age, not just teenagers.

Q: When should you see a dermatologist about acne?

A: Any time is the right time to see a dermatologist. Even if you have one pimple or several pimples, you will want to take steps to prevent future outbreaks.

Q: Does my diet affect my skin?

A: Yes, your diet can affect your skin. Certain foods, like dairy, can make acne worse. High glycemic diets such as consuming processed foods, sugary sodas and white rice can also affect breakouts.

Q: What are some tips to treat acne?

A: Do not pick or squeeze your pimples. We know it’s hard to resist not to touch but it can make it worse. Consistency is key. Sticking to a prescription regimen for many weeks because it can take weeks to months to see improvement.

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