Month: May 2018

Botox: Not Just for Girls

Justine Park, MD Board-Certified Dermatologist When it comes to Botox/Dysport injections, men have historically been ignored as potential candidates. But there is a growing trend that deserves attention: Men are seeking Botox & Dysport treatments and for things you might be surprised to hear about. Affectionately termed “Brotox”, I have seen an increasing number of …

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The Treatments for Scars

Payam Saadat, MD Board Certified Dermatologist Over the course of a lifetime, cuts, scrapes, burns, trauma brought about by surgery, acne and other skin conditions can all scar previously smooth and seamless skin. Minor scars might be easy to ignore or conceal but some varieties can disfigure and are not so readily disguised. These can …

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